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Campaign Fundraising

Digital campaign fundraising tool to raise money and manage donations from donors and supporters.

Campaign Management

Get the best strategies, tools and resources you need to run and win any camping be it political or social project.

Advertising & Media Buying

Connect with target audience, reach more voters or donors and share your values across all media channels.

Recruitment & Training

Let us hire the best campaign mangers, local organizers and volunteers who are passionate about your campaigns.

Campaign PR & Messaging

We conduct research, develop strategies, messages that resonate with public and secure candidate's image.

Web Design & Developments

We create professional campaign websites, apps and platforms to manage your communication, team, campaign activities.

We’re a trusted political consulting firm in Africa based in Nigeria. We offer a range of services, such as campaign strategy and messaging development, media buying, polling research and fundraising campaigns. Our team of experienced political consultants have the knowledge base and skills to help your campaign succeed. We provide actionable intelligence, expert advice, campaign guidance, and strategic support to individual candidates, organizations, and political parties that hire us to get involved in their political process, while keeping it confidential.

We work for political candidates running for public office in local, state, and national elections by developing and refining their campaigns messaging, creating targeted advertising campaigns, and identifying key demographics or potential voters to reach out to. Our dedicated campaign team also assist in organizing events, public debates, and other speaking appearances for the candidates. We partner with industry experts, civil society groups, leading nonprofit organizations, and corporations on issues that matter most to your political campaigns.


Our Political Consulting Services


Political Campaign Strategy Consulting

Our campaign strategy consulting involves developing a detailed plan for achieving your campaign goals through coordinated efforts which include identifying the target audience, defining the message, selecting the most effective channels for communication, allocating resources, and setting the performance metrics. This strategy is based on thorough analysis of the current competitive landscape, public interests, voter behavior, and political trends. We build effective campaign strategy that is flexible, adaptable, and data-driven, with ongoing evaluation and improvement tactics to ensure a successful political campaign. We also consider project limitations or constraints, such as budget, regulatory requirements and jurisdiction.


Political Branding & Messaging Consulting

We craft compelling campaign statements and slogans; create brand identities that communicate your key ideas, policy and values of a political candidate or campaign. This message must be clear, concise, memorable, and resonate with target audience. The brand logo, color standards and signs would also be consistent across all communications platforms, including social media, websites, advertising materials, and at public events. While developing your campaign message, we essentially identify the key issues that matter to the target audience and then create a message that speaks directly to those concerns. Additionally, we make deliberated efforts to differentiate our clients campaigns from that of their opponents; highlighting their unique strengths, achievements and qualifications.


Digital Strategy & Media Consulting

This is the strategic management of your political campaign’s interactions with the media. The goal is to create a positive and favorable public image for your campaign by using the right communication tools and media channels that will convey your message effectively. Our media relationship efforts involve the development of strong ties with mainstream media outlets and journalists, providing them with accurate and timely information; leveraging different media platforms such as radio, television, print, social and digital channels; building your apps or campaign websites to reach a wider audience. We execute media strategy that help your campaign gain credibility, visibility, integrity and ultimately, achieve its goals; including dealing with negative media coverage, reputation attacks and crisis management.


Public Research, Data Entry & Analysis

This involves gathering data and building databases and insights about the number of eligible voter, voting attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of the target audience or supporters during an election campaign. This information will help campaign strategists to make informed decisions about messaging, ads targeting, and resource allocation. Our research services involve conducting surveys, and sampling on focus groups, and using other data collection techniques to understand the concerns, priorities, and voting intentions of the potential voters. By analyzing political data and research findings, our campaign teams can plan and tailor their message to appeal to specific voter groups and allocate resources more effectively to maximize your impact. The goal is to develop a winning campaign strategy that suits your specific requirements and help you achieve your political goals.


Political Campaign Finance & Fundraising

Our experienced political fundraising experts can advise you on the best ways to collect and manage financial contributions from donor individuals, organizations, volunteers and other sources to support your political campaign or cause. These funds are typically used to cover various expenses related to campaigning, such as advertising, travel, and staff salaries to mention but a few. As a political candidate, you can fundraise his/her project through a variety of means, which include direct party contributions, soliciting for donations via online platforms like Politivos, or by organizing virtual or offline fundraising events. Election campaigns can be very expensive and the amount of money you can raise would have a significant impact on the success of you political campaign. Funding can influence your ability to reach more voters and spread your messages. In helping you achieve your campaign budget, we offer different political fundraising ideas and strategies; we also ensure you act in compliance to local regulations and campaign finance laws in your country. We endeavor to implement transparency and accountability in campaign financing throughout our fundraising process.


Vote Canvassing & Targeted Outreach

Our campaigns can help you reach specific groups of voters with tailored messaging and peer-to-peer engagement efforts. This approach allows candidates or entities to focus resources and messaging on voters who are most likely to support their campaigns or issue advocacy. The targeted outreach can be based on voter data, past voting behavior, or other indicators of political leanings. We offer a variety of options such as emails marketing campaigns, bulk SMS or political text messaging, direct mailing, phone banking campaign, door-to-door canvassing, social media marketing, digital political advertising and other forms of communication. The aim is to increase your fund raising efforts, voter turnout, set a reminder, engage with voters and mobilize volunteers leading up to the election day. Our professional media and digital consultants will work with your team to select the most effective media outreach methods to reach your target audience and convey your specific message.


HR Management & Volunteers Recruitment

As a leading political consulting firm in Africa, we support our clients in all aspects of campaign management, event planning and operations by assigning dedicated media executives, projects consultants, digital marketing experts, creative professionals, financial accountants, campaign managers, logistics and procurement managers to handle their campaigns. We help you hire qualified campaign experts to start working before, during or after the electioneering events and ensure a success campaign. We help you recruit and train thousands of campaign volunteers and staff employees like IT experts, media handlers, spokespersons, public relationship officers, grassroots mobilizers, door to door canvassers, spokespersons and polling units agents that will plan each campaign stage and coordinate activities that drive election to victory.

Support Services

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