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Become A Volunteer

Join our expert team or a local campaign group today for a role that’ll maximize your impact. Fill the form to tell us more about your volunteering interests. You can volunteer to knock on doors, raise funds, mobilize supporters, register or train new voters in your community, coordinate events, serve as media handler, data entry or call center agent for your favorite campaigns. Learn the benefits and how you can be rewarded below:

    Why Volunteer?

    Donate your skills or expertise to a cause you believed in via our platform. Most campaigns often operate with limited resources like financial constraints, time pressures, and shortage of skilled personnel. You can offer free or paid volunteering services and get involved in full capacity or part-time basis. Our volunteer rewarding include monthly stipends, expense reimbursements, and non-monetary perks like training opportunities, recognition, certificates, and appreciation events to ensure volunteers are motivated and feel valued while making their contributions. Your support, time, and efforts will go a long way to promoting social advocacy, democratic engagements and economic growth in your community.

    Make a Difference

    Volunteering for a political campaign or cause can be a rewarding experience that offers many benefits. By giving your time and effort to support a candidate, you can help make a difference in government.

    Growth your Network

    Volunteering provides opportunities for personal growth and networking. If you’re looking for an exciting way to get involved in the political process, volunteering for a campaign is a great option!

    Gain Experience

    You will gain valuable experience in politics and campaigning; how to organize events, manage volunteers, and raise money. This is important if you plan to run for office in the future.

    Build Relationships

    You will build relationships with important people in the political world such as key stakeholders, influencers, and community leaders. These could help you get a job, or help you win a campaign someday.