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Who We Are!

Helping the people to Win!

P PolitiVos is a digital platform for individuals, nonprofits and political campaigns to raise more funds, manage events and mobilize support for their causes. We provide strategic planning and campaign management solutions, secure online fundraising and voter outreach services with all sense of privacy and legal compliance. Our campaign software empower citizens' participation in democracy, giving them the tools to influence policy change in their communities. We're building a large network of changemakers, local and international volunteers, campaign donors and supporters who are dedicated to helping millions of others to make a difference and foster economic development.

How to Make Impact

Get Involved | Increase Your Impact | Achieve Campaign Goals

Are you a concerned individual seeking for volunteering opportunities? Contact us with your effective media marketing, voter registration, polling units monitoring or grassroots mobilization plan. If we like it, we will develop the best promotional and campaign performance models for your community project. You may work with a team or we put you in charge of it.

Are you the worthy candidate that would spearhead a change action and inspire a massive support this election season? We will like to hear more about your target audience, your community base and your campaign strategies. You can get our team involved in the movement by creating a campaign on the website and engaging with supporters via our platforms.

Are you a community leader, an influencer or organizer promoting social change and now ready for the challenges ahead? Kindly submit credentials and reports about your next campaign project. We want to help you plan up to the hosting of such local events, protest walks, media appearances, campaign rallies, townhall meetings or community services in your area.

Every successful campaigns often involve a team of individuals with complementary skills working together to achieve their objectives. Join our creative team today. We need web designers, media handlers, content developers, IT Specialists, pro bono lawyers, journalists, accountants, political consultants and campaign managers to produce the required results.

Our Partners

Contributing for a better society together

Our Vision

To help the people built collective willpower and win all genuine causes and campaigns for change. To ignite sustainable growth and productivity among global citizens.

Mission Statement

To build innovative products, platforms and programs that promote good governance in Africa and the world; strengthening democratic systems, electioneering processes and policy advocacy through quick response, technology and progressive campaigns.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Assist in nation building and community development services.
  2. Provide youth empowerment and leadership development skills.
  3. Support social intervention, and crisis management programs.
  4. Promote issue research and verifiable information distribution.

Our Core Values

We focus on Issue Based Campaigns, Political Finance Transparency, Economic Empowerment, Social Responsibility, Capacity Building, Strategic Research and Situation Analysis.

“Money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can give time, we can give our expertise, we can give our love, or simply give a smile. What does that cost? The point is, none of us can ever run out of something worthwhile to give".
-Steve Goodier-


Our Volunteers

Meet Our Cause-Based Volunteers & Specialists

Okon Peter-Orok

Okon Peter-Orok

Media Expert
Ojukwu O. Gabriella

Ojukwu O. Gabriella

Grassroots Volunteer
Omoijiade Oriarewo Ehis

Bar. Omoijiade Ehis

Legal Adviser
National Coordinator

Dr. Oscar Ogedegbe

Campaign Expert

Our Progress

People always in need of help and support

  • MONEY RAISED ₦2750000