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This is how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos:

How It Works:

How to Start a Fundraising Campaign on PolitiVos

PolitiVos is a powerful online platform to raise money from a crowd of people all over the world. The first step to starting a campaign on the App is to set up a fundraising account, describe your project, set financial goal and the type of campaign you want to run. We set donation limits and ensure that donors are contributing to a legitimate cause, charity giving, or grassroots campaign. Follow the steps here to get started.

Once your fundraising campaign is live, you will need to promote it to potential donors or supporters on social media, via email messaging and other platforms to increase visibility and encourage people to donate. Donors can select multiple currencies and use their local and international accounts or credit cards to give to any candidate, community or organization. It works well on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

This platform provides real-time data and actionable reports on the progress of your campaign, including the amount of money raised and the number of donors. It features customizable fundraising pages, donation buttons, volunteer sign-up forms, etc. It allows your supporters to donate either one time or on a recurring donation basis such as weekly or monthly, giving you the tools to manage and increase donations by 400%.

Once your campaign is ended, you will receive the funds in your registered bank account in preferred currency. Use the money to support your cause, pay for advertising, printing of campaign materials, events rentals, logistics and other expenses based on your project. You can also empower your supporters to launch personalized campaign pages and collect donations from their peers on your behalf. This is peer to peer fundraising campaign.

After campaign is over, candidates or organizations can report back to their donors with a ‘Thank You’ message. You can publish press release, event or campaign updates on the website; stating how the financial contributions were used to accomplish your campaign objectives. Our aim is to build trust and relationships that will encourage donors to continue supporting your future political, advocacy or charity initiatives.

Enjoy user-friendly experiences such as secure donation form, online store checkout, events ticketing, international payments, digital wallets and other innovative technology like text to give and scan to give. Our platform makes it easier for people to support a cause anytime anywhere at the lowest processing fees; while ensuring the highest level of data security and industry compliance.

Our online fundraising platform gives you the ability to set up recurring donations for long-term donation sustainability and management. This is captured in our donation form. It has robust reporting tools will help us gain insights into donor behavior and optimize your campaign performance. It is built to cater to a diverse donor base with the ability to integrate with other platforms.

impacts of politics on business in Nigeria How to Start a Fundraising Campaign

Learn how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos and succeed in your quest to make a difference in your society.

This is how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos:

This is how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos:

Create Account:

How to Setup Fundraising Account on PolitiVos

Create Account

To start raising funds for your political campaigns or charity projects, you need to create user account on the website. Click on the SIGNUP button at the top navigational menu to start your registration process now. This will take you to user dashboard where you will input required details. You can also LOGIN to monitor your campaign progress or get full details of the people donating to your project. Our virtual Fundraising platform uses secure payment processing gateways and multi-currency system.

Setup Campaign

After the registration process, you will be required to setup your campaign by creating the required contents. Write detailed decryption; tell supporters what and why you're raising money. Your story may include short bio or about your organisation, pictures, videos, audio podcast and other details needed to increase awareness and get more donors interested in your project. Be transparent by telling your donors how their contributions will be used to support your campaign.

Receive Funding

Now that you are done setting up your fundraising campaigns, it is time to promote your cause or project by sharing the fundraiser link with your friends, colleagues and families via social media, emails, WhatsApp, or at offline fundraising events. On reaching your donation target or timeline, the money raised is transferred to your registered bank account. NB: Payment processing fee applicable for all services; while platform fee starts from 1%. We may ask your donors to cover the processing fee.

This is how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos:

This is how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos:

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This is how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now you know how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos. Learn everything you need to know to get started! Political Campaigns are complex endeavors that encompass a wide array of activities and strategies. These FAQs are essential for anyone interested in participating in or understanding the political landscape

A political campaign is an organized effort to promote a specific candidate, political party, or cause in order to influence the outcome of an election or advocate for a particular policy objective. It involves various activities, such as candidate selection, campaigning, fundraising, voter outreach, messaging to persuade and mobilizing supporters.

Political campaigns typically go through several stages, including candidate recruitment and selection, party primaries or nomination contests, general election campaigns, and post-election activities like election petitions, transition planning or governing process.

Candidates can be selected through party primaries, caucuses, or party conventions, depending on the political system. In some cases, candidates are self-selected or chosen by party leaders. In some countries like Nigeria, there is a legislations to support independent candidates.

You can get involved in a political campaign by volunteering, interning, or working for a candidate or cause. Tasks may include canvassing, phone banking, social media management, or campaign strategy. You can contact your local party or candidate’s campaign office to express your interest. Or contact us to work as a volunteer for your favorite campaign or cause. We train, set tasks and coordinate activities.

Political campaigns require a wide range of roles, such as campaign manager, communications director, field organizer, fundraiser, data analyst, social media handler and more. Each role has specific responsibilities, contributing to the overall success of the campaign. Contact us if you have skills or interests to work for a campaign.


What is the role of a campaign manager?

A campaign manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a political campaign. Their duties may include strategy development, budget management, staff supervision, and coordination of campaign events.


What is the role of campaign field operation?

A campaign field operation is a team responsible for voter outreach and mobilization efforts. This can include organizing volunteers, conducting voter registration drives, and managing get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities.

To donate to a political or advocacy campaign, you can contribute directly to the candidate or cause through their official website or use our online fundraising platform. There are often legal limits on individual donations, legal conditions for corporate or foreign donations so be sure to check your local campaign finance regulations.

Individuals seeking to contribute their time and skills to a worthy cause often inquire about volunteer opportunities and the process of getting involved with a nonprofit organizations or political party.

Campaign volunteers are crucial to a campaign’s success. They help with tasks such as canvassing, phone banking, organizing events, social media and community outreach. Their dedication and enthusiasm can significantly impact a campaign. Click here to volunteer on our website.

Super PACs (Political Action Committees) are independent organizations that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose political candidates. They cannot directly coordinate with candidates’ campaigns but can have a significant impact on elections through advertising and advocacy. Individuals and corporate organizations can form PACs but consider relevant campaign laws in your jurisdictions.

Political polls are online and offline surveys conducted by political organisations, nonprofits, individuals or civil society groups to gauge public opinion on particular candidates, issues, and policy preferences. Campaigns use polls to assess their strengths and weaknesses, refine their strategies, and target specific demographics more effectively with their messages.

With our online petitions platform, you can speak up, amplify your voice and effect change in your community. Contact us to create a petition or opinion polling to support a judicial process, public policy, human rights or issue advocacy.

Debates are crucial events in political campaigns as they provide candidates with the opportunity to discuss their platforms, reforms and policies in front of a broad audience. As an election candidate, your performance in debates can significantly influence voters’ perceptions and decision making.


How do campaign debates work?

Campaign debates are structured events where candidates discuss their positions on various issues. These debates are usually moderated and may have specific rules and formats such as live TV shows and Q&As sections. They offer voters a chance to compare candidates’ ideas, competence and personalities.


How are campaign debates prepared for and organized?

Campaign debates are usually organized by independent commissions or media organizations. Candidates and their teams can negotiate terms and logistics, including the number of debates, format, and moderators. Here, extensive preparation is required, including mock debates and briefing books. We help candidates to prepare for public debates and other community appearances on request.

Political campaigns can be very expensive. Effective fundraising is essential for a successful political campaign and nonprofit causes. Political campaigns are funded through various means, including individual contributions, political action committees (PACs), and party committees. Additionally, some campaigns receive public financing in certain jurisdictions. Key political fundraising strategies include hosting fundraising events, utilizing online donation platforms like PolitVos, ActBlue, GoFundMe, etc., reaching out to individual donors, and establishing a robust finance team to manage the process and report accordingly.

In every democratic society, there are campaign finance laws regulating contributions and spending in political campaigns. We aske that you get familiar with the relevant elections laws in your own country. Nonprofits also seek guidance on the most effective fundraising techniques, such as events, donor campaigns, and online fundraising platforms.

A campaign website or platform outlines a candidate’s policy positions and priorities. It serves as a go to place for what the candidate aims to achieve if elected, helping voters understand their blue print and stance on key issues. Hire our web developers to build a mobile friendly political website for your campaign.

Social media plays a vital role in modern political campaigns. Campaigns use platforms like Facebook, X (formally Twitter), and Instagram to engage with voters, share vital information, raise awareness, and target specific demographics through social media ads and organic content sharing. We do social media marketing and management for campaigns, candidates and nonprofits organizations.

Political endorsements involve influential individuals, community leaders or organizations publicly supporting a candidate or cause. Securing these endorsements can boost a campaign’s credibility and reach, as well as sway voters’ opinions.

Campaigns create messaging strategies by identifying key issues, target audiences, and the most effective ways to communicate their candidate’s message. This often involves advertising, speeches, social media, and other forms of outreach. They use a variety of tactics to reach voters, including door knocking, phone banking, direct mail, social media, advertising, and public appearances. The aim is to connect with as many voters as possible to build support base.

Opposition research is the process of gathering information or conduction option research about rival candidates in an election to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can be used in negate campaigns, political attacks or messaging.


What is polling research and how is it used?

Polling research is a systematic method of collecting and analyzing data to gauge public opinion on various issues, candidates, or policies. It typically involves surveying a representative sample of individuals to extrapolate broader insights about a population. These polls are conducted through methods such as phone calls, online surveys, or in-person interviews, and they aim to provide valuable insights for political campaigns, businesses, and government decision-makers. Polling research helps inform strategies, understand public sentiment, and predict election outcomes, making it a vital tool in contemporary politics and market research.

Every campaigns must be prepared to manage crises effectively as this is bound to happen. This involves having a crisis communications plan, responding to negative events or revelations promptly, including adapting strategies to address challenges.


How do campaigns deal with negative advertising?

Campaigns often use negative advertising to attack opponents, but you must be mindful of potential backlash if you intend to use this strategy. Negative ads can be effective, but there is a fine line between effective criticism and alienating voters.

Campaign finance laws regulate the fundraising and spending of political campaigns. These laws vary by jurisdiction or country but typically set contribution limits, disclosure requirements, and rules for public financing. As a nonprofits or political movements, violating these laws can result in legal consequences and fines.

Understanding the legal constraints and regulations related to political campaign financing is crucial for ensuring compliance and ethical practices during the fundraising process.

Nonprofits and political campaigns can measure their impact through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods:

  1. Metrics and Data Collection: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to their goals, whether it’s voter turnout, policy change, or community well-being. Collect data through surveys, event attendance, website analytics, and social media engagement.
  2. Baseline Assessment: Determine the initial state of the issue or campaign before interventions. This provides a reference point for measuring progress.
  3. Surveys and Feedback: Regularly solicit feedback from beneficiaries, supporters, and stakeholders to assess the perceived impact and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Case Studies: Use qualitative data to showcase real-life stories of individuals or communities positively affected by the organization or campaign.
  5. Comparative Analysis: Benchmark against similar organizations or campaigns to assess relative performance.
  6. Cost-Benefit Analysis: Evaluate whether resources spent align with the achieved outcomes.
  7. External Evaluation: Consider third-party evaluations to ensure objectivity and credibility.
  8. Long-term Assessment: Assess not just short-term wins but also the sustainability and enduring impact of the work.
  9. Adaptation: Use findings to adapt strategies for continuous improvement.
  10. Transparent Reporting: Communicate impact to donors, volunteers, and the public through reports, case studies, and presentations, demonstrating accountability and building trust.

By using a combination of these methods, nonprofits and political campaigns can better understand and communicate their impact on the communities and causes they serve.


Explaining the significance of political advertising and its impact on voter perception and engagement can help individuals comprehend the broader influence of media in political campaigns. Effective campaign marketing and communication are paramount in various contexts, including politics, business, and nonprofits, for several compelling reasons as stated below:

  1. Engagement: They help campaigns to engage the target audiences, fostering a sense of involvement and connection with the campaign’s message or product.
  2. Awareness: Effective marketing and communication raise awareness about a candidate, cause, or product, ensuring that it’s on the public’s radar.
  3. Credibility: A well-executed campaign builds credibility and trust, which are crucial for securing support, whether it’s votes, donations, or customer loyalty.
  4. Influence: Persuasive communication can shape public opinion and influence decision-making, be it in elections, consumer choices, or policy support.
  5. Differentiation: It highlights what sets the campaign apart from competitors, making it more appealing to the audience.
  6. Consistency: Clear and consistent messaging ensures that the campaign’s values and objectives are well-understood and not subject to misinterpretation.
  7. Response Measurement: It enables the tracking and measurement of responses and engagement, helping campaign organizers adapt strategies as needed.
  8. Mobilization: Effective communication can mobilize supporters, volunteers, and activists to take concrete actions, whether it’s voting, donating, or participating in advocacy efforts.
  9. Long-term Success: Building a strong brand and reputation through effective political marketing and communication can lead to long-term success and sustained impact.
  10. Public Perception: It directly impacts how the campaign is perceived, influencing the likelihood of achieving its goals and creating a lasting positive impression.

In sum, effective campaign marketing and communication are instrumental in achieving campaign objectives, be they winning elections, promoting social causes, or driving business success. They are the bridges that connect campaigns with their target audiences and can be the difference between success and obscurity.

This is how to start a fundraising campaign on PolitiVos:

How To Sell On PolitiVos

Crowdfunding is raising financial contributions for a charity, cause, or political campaign from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount. At Politivos, you can also raise funds by selling custom products on our online store; such as branded campaign materials, gifts, memorabilia and books.