• Advocacy & Campaign Fundraising Platform in Nigeria.


Best Ways To Power Your Campaigns

Website Design

Custom campaign website development is available at $30/hour.


eCommerce Store

Personalized ecommerce store or landing page is available at $20/month.


Campaign Event

Creating custom event page and publishing is available at $20/post.


Campaign News

Publishing sponsored article, blog posts, or campaign news available at $20/post.


Political Fundraiser

Custom political campaign fundraiser page is available at 2.5% platform fee.


Project Fundraiser

Creating custom project fundraiser page is available at 1.5% platform fee.


P2P Crowdfunding

Individual P2P crowdfunding page is available at 2% platform fee.


Charity Fundraiser

Custom charity fundraiser page is available at 1% platform fee.


Features & Benefits

We offer affordable, easy-to-use fundraising solutions to grow your campaigns. Just choose a model, create a free account and start fundraising! Payment processing fee applicable to some services. Technical support, knowledgebase and training available at no extra cost.

1. Attract and recruit more volunteers and fundraisers. 2. Schedule tracks, train and manage volunteer hours. 3. Increase team communications via notifications, texts and emails. 4. Track volunteers’ field operations, report better and share update. 5. Improve impacts through database management software or CRM.

1. Create a personalized campaign event page. 2. Scheduled date, set venue and describe your event. 3. Register event participants and volunteers online 4. Easily sell events tickets and share your events on social media. 5. Include pictures and videos, publish events update on our web app.

1. Create mobile friendly websites for advocacy or political campaigns. 2. Create compelling messaging, brand logo, color schemes and UX design. 3. Include donation button, online store, platforms and candidate biography. 4. Integrate social media links, website analytics and reliable hosting solutions. 5. Implement robust website security measures, search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Secure online fundraising software for nonprofits and political campaigns. 2. Mobile friendly fundraising page, donation form with recurring donation ability. 3. Multiple currency, secure processing and international payment options. 4. Innovative fundraising ideas such as mobile giving, and campaign merchandise. 5. Peer-to-peer crowdfunding, campaign events planning and donation promotions.

1. Open an online store to showcase all your campaign products in one place. 2. Create your design and start selling without wasting time on inventory. 3. Securely accept online payments or donations from supporters at the checkout stage. 4. Enjoy 100% profits while we handle everything else from order processing and fulfilment. 5. Orders are printed with your campaign’s logo or slogan and delivered directly to buyers.