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Campaign Fundraising

Digital campaign fundraising tool to raise money and manage donations from donors and supporters.

Campaign Management

Get the best strategies, tools and resources you need to run and win any camping be it political or social project.

Advertising & Media Buying

Connect with target audience, reach more voters or donors and share your values across all media channels.

Recruitment & Training

Let us hire the best campaign mangers, local organizers and volunteers who are passionate about your campaigns.

Campaign PR & Messaging

We conduct research, develop strategies, messages that resonate with public and secure candidate's image.

Web Design & Developments

We create professional campaign websites, apps and platforms to manage your communication, team, campaign activities.

Reach your citizens, constituents, communities, supporters or potential voters with important information through the use of paid political advertising and media buying services. Connect with your target audience through mass media, print media and digital advertising campaigns. As a political campaign platform, we run ads on social issues, elections, politics and advocacy. We’re committed to securing ideal media platforms for campaign ads or interviews to reach specific audience.

While communicating your campaign messages and providing effective political advertising services, we help track and reduce the spread of misinformation during the election campaigns. We use social media, digital marketing tools and traditional advertising media to connect with the right audience and market your brand, promote your ideas, share your campaign promises to the rightful constituents. Our advertising solutions help you grow your support base or grassroots network.

Contact us now if you have questions about running political ads or other types of ads. We’re leading political campaign marketing company in Africa based in Nigeria. We offer the best political adverting, email marketing, social media marketing, online political campaign fundraising, events management solutions, political website design and apps development services. Below are how we run effective political advertising and media buying campaigns for our clients:


Political Advertising & Media Buying Services

NB: All our election ads are subject to disclosure requirements, local electoral laws, campaign finance regulations, and other progressive political campaign rules as applicable to individuals, entities and electoral jurisdictions.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We utilize online-marketing and online advertising tools like Google Adwords, retargeted media outreach and digital PR. Implementing the best digital marketing tools in your campaign strategy can get you in front of your target audience faster and boost your door-to-door conversing efforts.

We offer digital marking campaigns services such as Search Engines Marketing (SEM) or Pay-per-click – PPC Advertising, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Public RelationsText Messaging, Speech Writing, Press Publications, and  Paid Social Influencer Marketing Strategies that will increase your community engagement, and fundraising efforts, drive more visitors to your website, spread campaign news, and send targeted messages to voters, volunteers or supporters on election day.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has revolutionized modern political campaigns, transforming the way politicians and their teams reach out to voters. It has become an indispensable tool for politicians to communicate with their supporters and potential voters, allowing them to craft targeted messages and mobilize their base. Whether you’re a government, political or charitable organisation, your social media platforms or social media marketing pages are important parts of your online presence that helps you spread your message, and connect and engage with your community.

We can create, optimise and manage your Facebook Page, Instagram Page, WhatsApp Groups, and Messenger, Twitter Handles and YouTube Marketing Channels. We keep your social media accounts and campaign websites or apps safe by following the best security practices.


Volunteer Recruitment Campaign

A grassroots network is paramount to campaigning. Candidates running for office need volunteers to make contact with potential voters and spread the word of a candidate’s good work. If you’re an advocacy group, your grassroots base is often responsible for a lot of the day-to-day work supporting your cause.

Our online volunteers recruitment advertising campaign could help you grow your support base quickly, helping you to scale without losing the passion and integrity of the networks you needed to win. We recruit and train volunteers to help with some campaign activities such as voter education campaign, voter registration drives, peer-to-peer fundraising n and grassroots mobilizations.


Print & Traditional Advertising

For candidates running for office, political parties, government and charitable organizations, we help you connect with mainstream media outlets, book placements times; create authentic copy, and unique media content based on clients’ requirements. We create data driven advertising campaign messages like Radio jingles, campaign speeches, press releases, TV commercials, and newspapers advertisements.

We craft quantity display advertising materials such as campaign posters, flyers, magazines, outdoor banners, vehicle branding and billboards. We design and print media solutions such as campaign posters, yard signs, stickers, flyers, doorhangers, headbands, custom t-shirts, caps, umbrellas and other branded gift items.


Lead Generation & Conversion

Aside running ads to recruit grassroots volunteers, we help you drive traffic to your campaign website, create brand awareness or share important information or timely announcements with effective political advertising and media buying strategy. You can also consider inviting your supporters to join the advocacy efforts by creating a challenge ad or competition campaign.

As a web design company, we increase websites traffic by creating targeted landing pages, crafting keywords optimized high-quality content, promoting your campaign via digital display ads and local search engine optimization (SEO). Hire us to design different types of ads and implement what works best for your target audience.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy. In the highly competitive political landscape, campaign websites need to optimize their online presence to improve visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Our SEO services encompass a range of strategies and techniques aimed at enhancing a website’s search engine ranking.

This includes keyword research and optimization, on-page SEO, off-page SEO (link building), technical SEO, content creation, and more. By implementing these tactics effectively, politicians can attract organic traffic, increase website visibility, and reach a broader audience. Additionally, we ensure continuous monitoring and analysis of your website performance, adjusting to stay aligned with top audience search queries and user behavior. Learn more about our Political Campaign SEO Services here.

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