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  • Started:2023/12/21 Ended:2024/10/01
  • Westminster London WC2N 5DN United Kingdom

London Mega Rally By UK ObiDatti Coalition

  • UK Labour Party
  • +44 7975 556677
  • https://uklabour.org


About This Event

An association of concerned Nigerian Diasporas resident in the UK are rising up against bad governance in Nigeria. We are demanding a change to a better and people-centred governance by the election of his excellency Mr Peter Obi and Senator Yusuf Datti-Ahmed, come February 2023.

The cry for a change cuts across demographics, ethnicity and religion. Its a cry against poverty, malnourished and hungry children, teeming hopeless youths of the country to give hope to our motherland. This is a call for all concerned Nigerians for equality, inclusivity, fairness, religious tolerance, economical revival and rebirth of the nation of Nigeria, to obey

The London Mega March aims to bring all UK Obidients and all who believe a New Nigeria is possible with the election of His Excellency Mr Peter Obi come February 2023. We are marching for the will of the Nigerian people to prevail at the 2023 Presidential elections. We are asking for a change!

We are demanding better education, better heath care system, better standard of living for citizens, freedom of religious worship, economic revival, safe transportation and road networks, end to loss of lives through kidnapping and banditry etc. We are demanding for the rebirth of a New Nigeria through a change in governance structures at all levels. We are demanding better lives for our children and generations unborn.


Registration is free! Please join us and get involved!!!



The Rally

This Rally is NOT a ticketed event, it is a completely free event and you do NOT need a ticket to attend the Rally. It is funded by Group crowdfund which target has been met purely by donations. The purpose is to have a realistic number of participants only. The march aims to be family friendly, welcoming, fun, educative and positive.

#Coalition of ObiDatti in UK

Please encourage others UK contacts to join us and also register using the link below.


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