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Digital platform for individuals, nonprofits and political campaigns to raise funds, manage events and mobilize supporters for their causes. We’re Africa’s top rated Nonprofit & Political Campaign Platform in Nigeria with headquarters in Lagos Nigeria; leverage digital marketing tools, online fundraising software, events management apps, ecommerce store, political website builders and other integrated infrastructures designed for actionable campaigns and result driven advocacy. We offer volunteer recruitment, staff training, online advertising, social media management, fundraising events organizing, and media promotion for nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups and political candidates or parties. We build audience engagement platforms to reach out and communicate your campaign message, policies and respond to public concerns.

How PolitiVos CAN Help:

Creative Strategies, Big Data & Innovative Solutions.

Volunteer Recruitment & Management

Campaign management is more than just fundraising or call center efforts. Hire the right skills, recruit volunteers, and train campaign workers to promote your events, register voters, knock doors, raise more funds, analyze data and build support for your campaign or cause.

Political Campaigns Crowdfunding

Raising campaign funds online is one of the smartest ways to achieve your dream cause; especially if you have a popular candidate, best selling product or policy idea that interests the masses or donors. As nonprofit organization, political aspirant, or social advocate, you can raise financial contributions from a large number of people across the globe and manage donations easily using our digital fundraising tools. This website is a secure online system for supporters to donate to political candidates, social issues and charitable projects that will make a difference in their communities. Users can start fundraisers for democratic elections, advocacy campaigns, medical cares, emergency cases, legal aids, education, and community actions. It is designed for individuals, businesses, industries, political campaigns, social advocates, civil society groups, associations, unions, churches, schools, and other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. NB: All campaign ads are subject to disclosure requirements, data protection regulations, contribution limits and campaign finance laws as applicable to individuals and entities in their respective jurisdictions.

Political Advertising & Media Buying

We're full service digital marketing company that uses new media adverting and traditional campaign channels to connect with citizens, supporters or constituents across the globe. We leverage the power of social media, email marketing, text messaging, print advertising, and radio/TV commercials to raise awareness for campaigns. We help our clients build relationships with local and international media outlets to engage with voters and influence their decisions toward actions. Our team can craft timely press releases, coordinate media interviews and public speaking events. We design, print and delivery quality campaign literature and advertising materials; such as flyers, pamphlets, protest banners, booklets, newspapers, branded t-shirts, and transit ads like billboards to maximize the impact. Our well-researched communication plans, brand guidelines and content marketing strategies are designed to give campaigns the desired visibility; while addressing key issues that matter, managing unexpected challenges or crises that may arise during a campaign; such as spiteful misinformation by the opposition parties or candidates.

Grassroots Mobilization Campaigns

Get expert help to run successful grassroots campaigns such as voter education drives, community engagements, policy lobbying, protests or rights advocacy campaigns, door-to-door canvassing, phone banking. and get out the vote (GOTV) campaigns. As your trusted campaign partner, we offer online campaign courses, political consulting and professional support services based on campaign objectives, scope, landscape and context. From strategic planning, data analysis, social listening, communication, to team leadership training. You will learn how to create campaign budget and set key performance indicators (KPIs), how to craft a compelling narrative that resonate with the target audience, how to mobilize and motivate volunteers; how to organize community events, how to increase fundraising efforts, how to secure a higher voter turnout with last-minute reminders, election day logistics, poll watching and election monitoring efforts. Our campaign management strategies also encourage the underrepresented groups, especially the youths and women to get involved in the democratic process. We help them to register to vote, make informed decisions about candidates and organize grassroots movements within their communities.

Political Campaign Website Design

For candidates, nonprofits, social activists and government advocates: Hire our in-house web designers, software developers, graphic designers and copywriters to build mobile friendly websites for your political campaigns. Tell your story, grow your online presence and reach the right audience with persuasive messaging, including your brand logo, color schemes and compelling imagery. You can collect donations and sell campaign gears like t-shirts on your website, publish campaign news, add candidate's biography, campaign office address, telephone numbers and integrate it with your social media networks. As a professional web development company, we help our clients design political campaign websites and election apps with great features that assist them in various aspects of campaign management, campaign outreach, and community engagement. We choose memorable domain names, use reliable web hosting solutions and implement superior web security measures to protect user data or campaigns from digital attacks. We design responsive landing pages, implement advanced search engine optimization (SEO) for your site content and use effective online marketing tools to boost website traffic, increase conversion rates and rank you high on top Google and other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

As leading Political Campaign Platform in Nigeria with innovative campaign tools and solutions, we understand most of the best political campaign strategies, techniques and methods used by progressive political parties, civil society groups and election candidates in winning election campaigns in Africa and across the world; which include: (a) controlling the narrative by setting the agenda, (b) using PR and news media to make election candidates appeal to potential voters, (c) using aggressive media coverage for all political events and campaign activities; (d) planning ahead for negative publicity that may be directed against the incumbent candidate, his or her political party or family member. As trusted political campaign PR firm in Lagos Nigeria, our campaign strategists, talented team and political consultants use traditional media channels, campaign management tools and creative designs and online marketing tools that are proven to deliver the best results. We create political campaign action plan, and kickoff plan, use competent advocacy and political campaign organizers and managers who can build formidable campaign structures and community needed to win any local or federal elections in Nigeria or any African countries. We work directly with the individual candidates, political parties, civil society organizations, support companies and nonprofits to build their custom campaigns. We organise campaign fundraising events, virtual or in-person town hall meetings, and political campaign rallies in the local, state and national levels. We have a team of creative writers, storytellers and content developers, digital marketers, graphic designers, investigative journalists, video editors, social media managers, social media influencers, celebrities, campaign ambassadors, political activists, change agents and human rights advocates who can champion worthy causes, promote relevant issues, and supply campaign resources including advertising materials and funding sources in ways to deliver campaign objectives based on customers’ specific requirements. We design party logos and brand identity, print large format campaign banners, A3 and A2 posters, SAV stickers, campaign flyers, display pins, party flags, gift exercise books, wristbands, branded t-shirts, campaign umbrellas, and other giveaways needed to motivate with your target voters or supporters. Our media directors, campaign spokespersons and seasoned journalists help communicate your campaign messages or party ideology to the general public while addressing their issue concerns. With our online shop, you can sell or order branded campaign materials, gift items, memorabilia and leadership books easily and have them delivered to your door steps. We build innovative campaign products and programs, coordinate volunteers’ activities to help you maximize your impact. Our blog provides up-to-date campaign information based on key issues that matter most to your voters or constituents. Through research findings and public options gathering, investigative journalism, eyewitness reporting and media publications, we build strong relations and online/offline community engagements. With our digital advocacy and political campaign tools, you can promote the candidate of your choice, organize peer to peer amendments, encourage supporters to sign online petitions, collect signatures and fill out Q&A survey. Are you 18 years or above; you can come out to vote for the right candidate or volunteer your time, skill or expertise for a campaign, cause or charity you believed in. You can also donate to raise campaign funds on behalf of your political party or campaign organisation, promote a cause online or offline; As the best political website designers, we build campaign websites or platforms that will power your favorite candidate or project.

Politivos: Nonprofits & Political Campaign Platform in Nigeria.

Our Fundraising Solutions:

Tools to Organise Your Fundraising Campaign.

Online fundraising has never been so easy as with Politivos. Just create a fundraising account, tell your story and start receiving funds from a crowd of people who are willing to help you achieve your goals. Share your fundraising page to everyone on social media; include emails, phone banking and text messaging campaigns to increase donations. Click here to learn How It Works. We offer interactive fundraising ideas, secure donation forms and robust reporting tools to help you raise funds and manage donations for your nonprofit organisation, charity or political movement.

Offer incentives to your supporters or raise money by selling branded items, such as T-shirts, hats, and buttons. Campaign merchandise can increase your visibility and fundraising efforts. Our online store makes it easy to showcase all your campaign products in one place and provides secure online payment at checkout. Click here to learn How to Sell, open a personalized campaign store, create your design and start selling without inventory. Orders are printed with your campaign’s logo or slogan and delivered directly to buyers. We handle everything while you focus on your campaigns.

Mobile giving is a digital fundraising method that uses mobile phones to raise money for a cause on the go or at fundraising events. It comes in forms of text to donate, scan-to-donate (the use of QR codes), and mobile donation campaigns. Text-to-Give uses mobile SMS or phone texting to donate to a campaign with cutting-edge technology. Text to Donate allows donors to easily support your campaign anytime anywhere from their mobile phones. We create a custom code that returns a link to give via your secure fundraising page, mobile app or campaign website.

scan QR code to donate Exploring innovative ways to raise campaign funds is a sure bet to gain exposure and increase funding for your cause. Scan-to-Donate empower supporters to make quick and secure donations by scanning a personalized QR code with their smartphones. This directs users to your mobile-optimized donation page or campaign website. QR codes can also be used in promotional materials such as flyers and campaign posters. We create user-friendly platforms and technology to power your dream.

Easily create a custom event page, set date, register participants, recruit volunteers, and sell events tickets online; spread the word on social media and promote sponsorships via our donor-friendly website. We provide event management software to help you organize impactful campaign events. Be it virtual or in-person event, live streaming or hybrid event; campaign dinner, gala night, meet-and-greet, townhall meeting, community gathering, music concert or political rally. We help you create lasting impressions, build strong relationships and increase your fundraising efforts.

Peer-to-peer crowdfunding strategy can help you raise money from individuals, grow your support base, recruit volunteers, and increase donors or voters databases. With custom cause page, you can successful crowd sponsor team projects such as run or ride events, protest match, walkathon, sweepstake, sport tournament, lottery or raffle draws. You can craft a homemade item, hold a charity auctions and donate the proceeds to a candidate or cause; rent a space for a party, give discounts at local businesses, and organize community services or grassroots movements.

The platform uses Paystack secure payment processing and multi-currency features to help seamless online transactions. Donors can give to charities, communities or political candidates using their local and international credit cards, or debit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. It integrates with other third-party services and support mobile-friendly donation-widgets and recurring donations. Our aim is to ensure highest level of data security and industry compliance. Please Contact us for Stripe setup, Paypal Donations, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Amazon Pay.

Best Political Campaign Fundraising Platform in Nigeria.

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We are leading Political Campaign Platform in Nigeria that provide basic and sophisticated political campaign tools and digital solutions that can be used by candidates and their campaign teams or organizations. We offer integrated digital solutions such as: Voter data management software that helps to organize and maintain a list of potential voters and their contact information. Email marketing software used to send regular newsletters, latest updates, and other campaign-related information to subscribers, supporters or grassroots volunteers. Social media management tools: We use most popular social media platforms for political campaigns, manage social media profiles, monitor activity, and schedule posts. Again, we use phone banking software that help manage list of potential voters to call for donation, events or action; and record the results of those calls using well-trained call center agents. We use door-to-door canvassing tools that help campaign volunteers to collect data on potential voters, such as their opinions on key issues and their likelihood of voting for a particular cause or candidate. Our digital fundraising software manage donations, track donor information, and send thank-you messages to donors. We use online advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads to run targeted ads, follow voting pattern and voters’ demography. Our polling and survey software is used to gather feedback and opinions from potential voters and constituents. Our volunteer management tool manage list of volunteers, schedule tasks, events, and keep track of volunteer hours. Your campaign website is a vital tool for sharing your information and updates with potential voters. We use robust website builders, secure SSL certificate and content management systems (CMS) to create and manage your political or nonprofit websites. Data Analytics and Targeted outreach tools are used to gather data on potential voters and their behavior, preferences, and voting history at the specified geopolitical zones, election boundaries, and polling stations. This data can then be used to target specific audience groups with customized messaging and outreach. We offer Social Media Advertising using platforms like Facebook, X (formally Twitter), YouTube and Instagram which allow political campaigns to reach potential voters through targeted ads. This web-app contains all the political campaign tools and resources you need in one place. We offer Email Marketing and Automation as a cost-effective way to reach potential voters. Automation tools are used to send targeted messages to specific groups based on their interests, location, demography and other factors. Mobile Apps, mobile campaigns, phone banks and SMS Messaging allow political campaigns or support groups to reach potential voters directly on their mobile phones. This can include personalized messages, polling reminders, and other types of outreach. You can create webinars and schedule virtual events or promote your upcoming events on our website. Virtual events and webinars have become increasingly popular during campaigns, especially in time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our events management platform allow campaigns to publish their political events so as to reach more voters in a safe and socially convenient ways. We also integrate AI-powered chatbots and WhatsApp app to answer customer questions quickly and provide instant information about a candidate or issue on the site. This can be particularly useful during a large-scale event or when there is a high volume of inquiries. our Political Campaign Fundraising Platform also integrates easily with other Grassroots mobilization platforms like Mobilize and NationBuilder which allow campaigns to organize volunteers, coordinate canvassing efforts, and track voter engagement. Support a campaign or charity with your skills or services!

Fundraising Campaigns:

Raise Money for Candidates You Believed In.

Comr. Ayodeji Babalola for Oyo State House of Assembly

Goal 25 48000%
Towfiq Tayo Akinwale

Goal 12 0%
Comrade Emmanuel Abanyam

Goal 50 0%
Peter Obi for Presidency 2023

Goal 0 0%

Politivos is a leading political campaign site in Africa with head office located in Lagos Nigeria and branches scattered across other African countries. We provide best political campaign strategies, tools and resources that contestants can employ to emerge as their party’s candidacy at the primary or local elections. Be it congressional senator polls, state or presidential elections; we help you become more qualified to contest against the candidates of the opposition parties in a general election. These political tactics include lobbying, personal contacts, political rallies, endorsements, political donations and campaign support. Political campaign is an organized efforts by a political party or a candidate running for office to attract the support of voters in an election. The best campaign media strategy used to win election in Nigeria with landslide include the effective implementation of internet facilities, mobile phone technologies like SMS, digital advertising, online newspapers publications, short marketing videos, campaign slogans, radio and television jingles. These media channels are shaping the socio-political campaign practices in Africa and across the world; disseminating verifiable information, engaging citizens, and mobilizing voters support. We use innovative political advertising and digital media tools to increase your exposure to the public and create favorable long lasting impression in the minds of the voters; including promotional elements such as targeted outreach campaign and political PR or public relations, opinion polling, broadcasting media channels, political social media marketing strategy, direct email messaging, bulk SMS and other internet marketing techniques. Political advertising is an element of political campaign otherwise known as election campaign. It is an effective communication medium through which a candidate attempts to market himself to the electorates in order to get their votes for an election. But negative advertising should be discouraged. Below are the top Political Parties in Nigeria such as All Progressives Congress (APC), People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Labour Party (LP), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Young Progressives Party (YPP), Accord Party (A), Action Alliance (AA), Action Democratic Party (ADP), Action Peoples Party (APP), African Action Congress (AAC), African Democratic Congress (ADC), People’s Redemption Party (PRP), Allied Peoples Movement (APM), Social Democratic Party (SDP), New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Boot Party (BP), National Rescue Movement (NRM) and Zenith Labour Party (ZLP). should incorporate this tool in their election campaign mix.

Maximize Your Impacts:

Reach More Supporters & Mobilize Them to Action.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social Media Ads

Leverage the power of social media campaigns, reach a broader audience with Facebook, X (Twitter), TikTok and YouTube, target demographics, share campaign updates, and foster community engagement.

Interactive Campaign Websites & Mobile Apps

Website & Mobile App

Create interactive campaign websites, build mobile apps with regular features like donation button, offer resources, policy details, manage team activities and keep supporters informed.

Political Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Use personalized email campaigns to communicate directly with your supporters; send targeted mailers to donors, send fundraising appeals, campaign news, call to action or invite them to upcoming events.

Capacity Building & Educational Workshops

Training Workshops

Host training workshops, webinars and podcasts to discuss key campaign issues that matter to your constituents; educating young voters with in-depth knowledge to foster informed decision-making.

Political Text Messaging Campaigns

Bulk SMS Sending

Implement personalized text message campaigns for quick and direct communication; using mobile SMS to send event invitations, donation pages and election day reminders to supporters.

Online Advertising Strategies For Political Campaigns

Online Advertising

Use online advertising strategies like retargeting ad campaigns, Google ads, web SEO, landing page optimization, data analytics and digital marketing tools to mobilize supporters and engage with voters.

Political Phone Banking Campaigns

Voice Call Center

We recruit and train volunteers to make phone calls to potential voters, providing information about the candidate, election day process and encouraging voter participation.

Public Appearances and Media Outreach

Political Media Buying

We secure interviews and appearances on local radio, TV, and online media. Partner with local influencers or community leaders to amplify the campaign’s reach.

Events Planning & Town Hall Meetings

Relational Organizing

We organize online and in-person public forums to connect directly with constituents; discuss key issues, answer questions, and build personal rapour with citizens and community.

Hire awards winning political campaign marketing company in Africa that is based in Lagos Nigeria. Get latest election campaign update in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia and Rwanda. As election stakeholder or concerned individual championing a just cause or clamoring for a real change in the society, you need to have a clear campaign budget that outlines your sources of election finance and the election expenditure; such as campaign office spaces, events rentals, travels, media coverage, printing of campaign advertising materials and other administrative political spending. Election campaign funding can come from political contributions to candidates, public campaign financing, online crowdfunding, or from candidate’s personal savings, family and friends. Getting a bank loan to sponsor or fund an election is never a good option to consider. Our Political Campaign Platform in Nigeria provides flexible payment and international donation management solutions for charity funding, events fundraising, peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding for political campaigns and nonprofit causes. We’re leading Political Campaign Management Company in Africa with tested strategies for winning elections. We offer professional election campaign services that help you connect with the right audience using personalized campaign messages that communicate your policies and values; while providing tailored solutions that you need to run and win your campaigns. Our aim is to bring all the best digital political campaign marketing tools, campaign software products, and industry experts like experiences campaign consultants, legal advisers, financial accountants, journalists, web developers, and technology specialists together in one place to help our clients take informed decisions, plan and make the most out of their campaign projects. We help you plan all your public policy advocacy, lobbying and election campaigns, demonstrations, build engagement tools, reach more audience, raise funds, manage events, and mobilize your supporters to action. Please note: We DO NOT nominate, support, oppose or endorse any political parties, legislative committees, labor unions or electoral management bodies within the African political landscape, United States of America (USA), Asia, United Kingdom (UK) or anywhere around the world. We use new media ads, and traditional advertising tools such as social media, content marketing print media and broadcast strategies, we build communication tools such as political campaign management software, political campaign websites and implement advanced search engine optimization (SEO) to take your message in front of your target audience. We integrate last minute email blasts, mobile marketing (SMS), paid advertisements, and work with social media influencers and celebrities to reach millions of supporters, citizens and voters; including promotional items such as branded political campaign posters, flyers, stickers, campaign t-shirts, banners, outdoor displays, magazines, radio and television broadcasts

Build a Campaign Website or Promote Your Campaign at Affordable Pricing, Start a Charity Fundraiser or Crowdfunding Campaign, Sell Customized Merchandise Online or Publish your Virtual/In-Person Campaign Events on Our Website.


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Find Everything You Need to Run and Win your Campaign in One Place. From Grassroots Organizing, Field Canvassing, to Digital Fundraising, Events Planning, Volunteer Management, Online Marketing and Social Networking Solutions.


One of the major challenges when vying for public office is the problem of where the matching funds will come from. As a political action group, election support group, politician or political party in Nigeria, Africa and beyond, we help you secure people trust and solicited donations, increase voter turnout, empathy, reach out to major donors, grassroots conversers, and hire polling unit agents to strengthen your grassroots mobilization strategy. We make sure that all our political campaigns and advocacy are issue base, focusing on good governance, environmental, social and leadership challenges in the society; addressing youth unemployment, underdeveloped medical infrastructure, and poor power supply, low standard of education, corruption, nepotism, multi-dimensional poverty, police brutality, and economy collapse in Africa. You can hire our centralized campaign management experts; local based eyewitness news reporters, call center agents and database management team. On this website, you can support a candidate or change project by lending your voice or making a financial contributions, signing a petitions or donating your skills. We’re #1 Nonprofits and Political Campaign Fundraising Platform in Africa that help you create a winning campaign, reach out to your constituents and raise money online for your next federal election campaigns or cause. We help to spread the news and communicate your political platforms, leadership policies and campaign promises to ideal electorate. As part of our political campaign solutions, you can invite your supporters to join your grassroots movements via the volunteer signup forms, canvassing and peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. You can also buy custom campaign printed materials from the store. We deliver within your event’s turnaround time. A political campaign is an organized effort geared towards influencing the decision making of a specific group of people to elect a particular candidate of choice in local election, state or national elections. In most African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, the increasing penetration of the internet and mobile technologies is encouraging ordinary citizens, political elites, and youths’ involvement in grassroots politics. The use of mobile devices is providing efficiency, transparency, and peaceful elections in Sub-Saharan Africa, turning the youth population into eyewitness reporters throughout the election cycle, and particularly on the Election Day. Today in Africa, youths’ engagement in democratic elections seems to be influenced by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Tiktok and other instant messaging apps. It is a known fact to Political Campaign Organizations and Political Movements that option pools and political positioning on social media do not win election anywhere in the world. In fact, elections in Nigeria and Africa are not won on social media; but on the polling units. Therefore, the influence of social media in previous elections in Africa is actually changing the narratives and shaping the political landscape. On the other hand, fight the usual misinformation by some politicians, spreading of rumors, fake news and false information against the opponent with facts checking tools and investigative journalism. Some mischief makers negatively incite the public in a way that steer the vote public along ethnic, religious and tribal lines, leading to forms of biases, crisis and polarized campaign environment. With continue efforts of all the political stakeholders and the media, this situation is reducing by the day as people are becoming more aware and the youths have awakened to take back their countries all over the world. Career politicians and new entrants need to respond to accusations or fake news quickly by providing hard copy evidence where necessary, getting ready to refute false claims while leveraging the power of the new media. We use Hubspot collaborative CRM, Google Analytics, direct-mail and Political campaigning Fundraising event management app to Fundraise and supporter awards winning pledge; raising money for friends-and-family crowdfunding campaign sponsorship and nonprofit fundraising philanthropy and social-network brand-awareness. Including partisan advertise of X products or fund raising presidential campaign. Are you a campaign manager, campaign marketer, political scientist, or influencer marketing looking for easy way to political fundraising idea, fundraising tips, political-science marketing campaign with great return on investment (ROI)? Since 2015, experienced volunteer team have campaigned for emerging democracies in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Australia to ensure increased vote share in general elections, presidential campaigns party primaries; using this free fundraising platform and non-profit lead conversions optimization techniques.

Campaign Resources:

Learn How to Plan and Advance Your Cause.

How To Debunk False or Misleading Claims from Opponents November 26, 2023

How To Debunk False or

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Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Political Campaigns November 25, 2023

We are leading political marketing company in Nigeria and Africa’s political campaign fundraising platform with dedicated political campaign team that specialize in political social media campaigns, website design for political campaigns, news publications with search engine optimization (SEO) services, forums interviews. We develop news aggregation and information distribution channels, campaign finance contributions and donation gateway system, webinars and video conferencing tools, campaign PR, branding and printing of campaign materials. We create campaign strategies, craft campaign manifestos, recruit and train volunteers, mobilize mass supports, organise virtual events and electronic town hall meetings to suit your project requirements. As a social intervention, Nonprofits and Political Campaign Fundraising Platform in Africa, we use our collective voice to influence public options and voters decisions by advocating for the fundamental rights of citizens, good governance, quality education, healthcare and social infrastructures for the common people. Our political campaign marketing strategies begin with portfolio setup, personalized content development and launching of your fundraiser campaign on our website. We do graphic designing, webapp development, target audience outreach, YouTube explainer video marketing, issue research and data analysis, political campaign speech writing, campaign logo design, effective social media advertising, direct mailing and newsletters distributions, radio and Television adverts placements, outdoor campaign billboards advertising; including pay per click advertising (PPC), digital PR, Google AdWords, podcast ads, and display advertising. We can grow your social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter now X, and setup Telegram and WhatsApp Groups to manage community engagements. Choosing the right candidate for an election is one of the many factors that determine the outcome of any given election. As leading technology and software company in Nigeria, we carryout audience research and competitors SWOT analysis, focus-group discussions, situation analysis and formulate campaign plans, key messaging to engage with the eligible voters. We enlighten the electorates about a candidate (The Name ID) by publishing such information like candidates’ biography, early life and education background, professional career records, business or political achievements on our website (The Bio Campaign). We also create awareness about the campaign policies, value propositions and the benefits to expect as a voter. As pan-African Center for Responsive leaderships, progressive politics and policy initiatives, rather using negative campaign approach, propaganda or campaign of calumny: we focus on issue base campaigns that will strengthen the nation’s democratic process; while helping the people elect the best leaders. Despite our efforts to provide accurate information about all the election candidates listed on this website, we do not guarantee that such information is 100% correct. Most electorates vote personality, trust and strong relationship builders. Hence, African electorates are expected to explore other sources of information like political candidate’s campaign websites, information from media organisation, friends, family, party members and business associates. This would help people in making the right voting decisions.

Learn how to run a political campaign in Africa from experienced political campaign consultants. We offer free political campaign consultancy, best in class and online political leadership training course, campaign management class and how to articles on political campaign guidelines. As law abiding citizen, the best way to take back your country is by electing the most capable, competent and committed leaders through validly casted ballots papers in an election or referendum rather than political thuggery and electoral violence. With our crowdfunding website, you can help people who share your passion for change to win their advocacy and political campaigns. As trusted secure Political Campaign Platform in Nigeria, you can click the donation button on this site to support a candidate, sponsor a change project or give to charities in conflict or troubled situations. People are always in-need of help! To learn more, browse through for our campaign management solutions and digital advertising services, follow us on our social media handles, read our case studies, blogs and successful campaign portfolios. We’re the #1 political campaign crowdfunding site in Africa that is designed for aspirant politicians, party supporters and independent candidates to raise money for social issues, advocacy and political intervention projects that will impact change in their communities. Be it Presidential Election, Senatorial or Constituency Election, Federal House Of Representatives, Governorship Election, Local Government Election or State House of Assembly: aspiring politicians and office holders should logically apply wisdom while mobilizing grassroots supports, spending campaign funds and formulating their persuasive campaign messages. We create well-written campaign speeches, policy documents, press releases and campaign manifesto to connect with the older and younger generations in your target demography. Therefore, top political parties in Africa should implement innovative campaign strategies that resonate with today’s young voters and first time voters who are passionate to elect the best candidate in the position of leadership in their countries. Our grassroots campaigners knock on doors to contact people personally. Knocking doors, phone banking and text messaging are some of the cost-effective campaign tactics used to win elections worldwide, so this is the time to put them into action. This campaign method is used by political parties and issue advocacy groups to identify potentials supporters, persuade the undecided voters to come out to vote so as to increase the voter turnout and voters list on the election day. In addition to campaigning door-to-door across major cities, towns, villages and streets in your communities; the campaign council or campaign organisation can also leverage integrated media tools such as websites, social networks, and digital billboards, campaign vehicles branding, and mobile applications to spread the news about the candidate. We design, print and deliver customizable campaign items nationwide. You can hire our experienced campaign team to coordinate volunteer activities and distribute resources to eligible voters or supporters across the geopolitical zones or regions, including to diaspora supporters or oversee fans. Furthermore, to avoid vote buying, reduce voter apathy, snatching of ballot boxes and electoral violence in Africa during electioneering seasons, the law enforcement agencies are charged with the responsibility to providing adequate security measures for peaceful conduct of political rallies, solidarity matches, processions and free and fair elections throughout the federation or continent. This will encourage youth participation in grassroots politics, community actions and civic engagements of women folks, trade unions and people with disabilities. From the recent election results, the electoral officials responsible for the conduct of elections have to live up to expectations in terms of improving on poor planning and logistics challenges, voter disenfranchisement or systemic exclusion of electorates from voting, inadequate supply of voting materials, ballots snatching, and late arrival of electoral materials to polling stations on the election day. We partner with civil society groups, political action committees (PACs) and mainstream media outlets on public debates, issue advocacy, legislative actions, major donor outreach, election observation and humanitarian efforts. Let us plan your campaign from start to finish! We start every projects by brainstorming with clients to understand their campaign objectives. We then develop innovative strategies, fundraising plans and build engagement tools to keep your community active. We recruit call center agents to make phone calls, volunteers to knock on doors, canvass and supporters to attend town hall meetings by providing them with the resources, motivations, logistics and information they need to show up and take action for a leader, issue, or grassroots movement.

Legislative Insights:

Issue Advocacy, Policy and Campaign Regulations.

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What are the Key Features and Benefits of PolitiVos?

PolitiVos is an integrated online campaign platform that facilitates the collection of public funds for political causes, advocacy projects, or nonprofit initiatives. It leverage the power of the internet to connect fundraisers with potential donors all over the world, providing tools for creating campaigns, accepting online donations, and offering additional features and services like social sharing, political advertising, predictive data analytics, web development and campaign management. This platform allows fundraisers to set financial goals, share their campaign details, and promote their cause through various promotional marketing channels. Donors can visit the website, browse featured campaigns, and contribute funds to those they wish to support. PolitiVos stands out for its user-friendly design and seamless donation process. It offers a variety of customizable templates for fundraising campaigns. This digital platform is a centralized hub for all your political campaign activities, enabling local, state or presidential candidates and organizations to connect with more voters or citizens, manage campaign resources efficiently, and optimize their strategies for social advocacy or electoral success.

How Do Your Campaigns Facilitate Fundraising Efforts?

PolitiVos is a go-to place for political and cause-related fundraising. It makes it easy to promote your cause online; focusing on social fundraising, event fundraising, merchandise-based fundraising and peer-to-peer fundraising. It is one of the most effective campaign crowdsourcing platforms that provides secure and streamlined donation processing capabilities. This includes secure online donation forms, contribution tracking, integration with payment gateways and digital wallets, making it easy for supporters to contribute financially to your campaign. It offers customizable fundraising pages that candidates can use to showcase their goals and progress. The campaign descriptions and thermometers visually represent fundraising targets and what the money will be used for, motivating supporters and contributors to track the campaign’s financial momentum. The platform also allows donors to set up recurring donations, providing a steady stream of financial support for your campaign. This feature enhances fundraising sustainability and helps candidates plan their budget effectively. Campaign teams can also use the donor management tools to organize and analyze donor data. This includes tracking donor demographics, managing donor communication, and identifying potential major donors for targeted outreach.

What Types of Fundraising Campaigns Can I Run on PolitiVos?

PolitiVos is a specialized political campaign fundraising platform designed for organizations, nonprofits, and individuals seeking to raise funds for various causes. Like most online fundraising platforms that accommodate various types of campaigns, you can use this website for Charitable Causes: Fundraising for nonprofits and charities. Medical Expenses: Crowdfunding for medical bills and healthcare costs during a campaign movement. Disaster Reliefs: Rapid fundraising efforts for disaster-stricken areas. Other funding purposes; include – Business Ventures: Startups, small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs seeking capital. Personal Projects: Individuals raising funds for personal needs, creative endeavors, music or artists promotions, or educational pursuits. You can also use our non-partisan platform for Events and Celebrations: Personal fundraising strategy for weddings, birthdays, or special events on stringent conditions. Please Contact us to learn more about how this platform can help you. We offer free campaign consultations! This platform is a digital space with innovative tools and solutions designed to facilitate various aspects of campaigning such as political campaigns, marketing campaigns, and social advocacy or activism. It facilitates secure transactions using multiple payment methods and provides effective tools for tracking campaign progress, voter engagement, volunteers activities, fundraising and communication with donor.

What Fees are Associated with Your Fundraising Platform?

The use of PolitiVos online fundraising platform is Free!, We typically charge fees to cover operational costs. Common fees may include: Platform Fee: A percentage of each donation that goes to the platform. Usually, this fee starts from 1%. Payment Processing Fee: This fee is charged by payment processors (e.g., credit card companies) for transaction handling. Usually, this fee starts from 1.5%. Additional Features or Services Fee: We charge for premium features like advanced analytics, personalized online store setup, events ticketing, guest blogging and media publishing, order fulfillments, creative designs like mobile-friendly website design, content creation and promotional services. Visit our Pricing Page to learn more about our cost-effective packages. Understanding these fees is crucial for effective budgeting, strategic planning and selecting of the best services that aligns with your campaign or fundraising goals. Our donor-friendly campaign fundraising website offer unique features for easy campaign customization, social sharing, major campaign reporting and donor management. PolitiVos offers a competitive pricing structure compared to other political crowdfunding platforms. It support multi-currency, international donation, and secure payment processing at lowest industry fees.

How Do You Manage Data Security & Privacy for Campaigns?

Ensuring your data security and privacy is paramount to us. We adhere to ethical data practices and ensure platform compliance with data protection regulations; using robust web security measures against cybersecurity threats and data breaches; and secure payment processing gateways to ensure highest level of data security. Our Privacy Policy provides information about how we collect, use and safeguard users’, fundraisers’ and donors’ information on the website; restricting unauthorized access to personal information against misuse, except to employees, contractors, and agents who need such data in order to process your service deliveries or transactions. Our third-party financial infrastructure utilizes blockchain technology for secure and transparent fundraising processes; including data encryption methods to protect sensitive donor information – so you don’t need to worry about anything. Before starting any campaign, we endeavor to familiarize ourselves with the data protection laws and campaign regulations applicable to your region or jurisdictions. Aside public awareness on campaign issues and election advertising, we might not store user contributed content beyond the immediate electoral campaign period. By prioritizing data security and individual safety, we aim to instill confidence in donors and contributors; while maintaining the integrity of each campaigns. This platform integrates well with popular campaign management platforms. It offers easy payment convenience for both donors and fundraisers with strong community support that make it a reliable choice for many.

How Can I Maximize the Success of My Fundraising Campaign?

To optimize your online fundraising campaign, start with a compelling narrative to evoke emotions and connect with potential donors. Use high-quality visuals, images, and video content to enhance your campaign. Keep donors and supporters informed with updates via audience engaging platforms like your campaign website or social media page. Remember to express gratitude after successful milestones or tam achievements. Leverage social media network to promote and expand your campaign’s reach. Send targeted emails and bulk SMS to your contact list. Offer perks or rewards to donors via campaign merchandise or matching gifts to encourage contributions. Set an appropriate campaign timeline and calendar to create a sense of urgency. Regularly monitor your campaign’s performance and adjust strategies based on donor engagement. Utilize traditional campaign methods such as flyers, local events, or partnerships with influencers, organizations, or businesses to extend your reach. Our experienced campaign professionals can help you amplify campaign messages and reach a broader audience, especially among younger demographics. Create optimized campaign fundraising page, social media handles or campaign website with higher search engines discoverability and increased online visibility. We use direct phone calls and text messaging campaign to target major donors, diversifying your promotional marketing efforts to ensure a broader audience reach, increased fundraising potential and electoral campaign success.

How Do You Support Voter Outreach and Engagement?

We provide innovative tools for segmenting voter data based on demographics, location, and engagement history. This segmentation allows for targeted outreach, tailoring messages to specific voter groups for maximum impact. We utilize latest political website builders and social media integration tools, allowing candidates to create a cohesive online presence. These toolkits facilitate communication with potential customers or voters by sharing campaign updates, policy positions, and engaging content. We also use robust email marketing tools for targeted outreach. Candidates can use these features to communicate directly with supporters, share campaign news, and solicit for funds or feedback. This online giving platform include easy to use features for organizing and promoting campaign events. This can range from hosting virtual reality town halls and webinars to in-person political rallies, enabling candidates to connect with voters both online and offline. We use advanced social media management and listening tools to schedule posts, track engagement, monitor real-time conversations, negative publicity, and analyze the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Our microtargeting advertising strategy allows campaigns to run targeted ads with personalized messages and outreach efforts to specific demographics. This helps increase visibility among key voter groups and promotes engagement with campaign content.

How Do Your Campaigns Support Grassroots Mobilization?

We typically use tools for campaign advertising and volunteer management, allowing campaigners to recruit, organize, and mobilize volunteers effectively. This includes features for scheduling, communicating, and tracking volunteer activities in grassroots activities such as phone banking and door-to-door canvassing efforts. Campaign teams can use mobile apps or artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots for real-time data collection, voter outreach, engagement and feedback from volunteers on the ground game. Our donor–friendly platform support grassroots fundraising efforts by providing tools for supporters to create and promote their own peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. This decentralized approach empowers individual supporters to contribute to the overall campaign’s financial success. We build and nurture online communities; including community forums, discussion boards, and social media groups where supporters can connect, share ideas, and coordinate grassroots efforts. We offer integrated text messaging tools for reaching supporters directly on their mobile devices. Text messaging campaigns are effective for urgent updates, event reminders, and mobilizing supporters quickly. We incorporating gamification elements such as challenges, leaderboards, and rewards for participation into campaigns to engage and motivate supporters; and mobilize volunteers for various campaign activities.

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