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Let us work with your political party or candidate to create innovative strategies, tools or platforms for the race. Politivos offer effective political campaign management services such as political PR, media outreach, media monitoring, crisis management and online reputation management; digital political campaign fundraising, political campaign website design and mobile apps developments, brands identity creation and graphic designs, campaign speech writing, press release and manifesto development; political advertising with social media marketing campaigns, media buying for radio and television commercials and campaign merchandising via the website. Including printing of campaign advertorials, conducting polling and public opinion research, data collection and analysis, political email marketing, bulk SMS sending, text messaging campaigns, video marketing and production, political events planning and management (such as campaign rallies, in-person and virtual townhall meetings), campaign staff and volunteers recruitment and training courses. Our integrated political campaign management solutions focus on helping political candidates and nonprofit organizations build powerful strategies, programs and communication plans that connect with the target audience, mobilize supporters, and win their campaigns. Including phone banking, door knocking, vote canvassing  and get-out-the-vote campaigns to increase voter turnout, raise funds, keep ahead of the competitors and win elections in your constituents. We provide campaign management support systems, technical assistance, monitor campaign performance and deliver training programs to enhance the capacity of the election candidates and their campaign team.

Campaign Solutions

Our Political Campaign Management Solutions

Running advocacy or political campaign involves a multifaceted approach that encompasses careful planning, effective strategy, organization, research, outreach, and mobilization. As a leading political campaign management platform, we work with candidates, change makers, government, nonprofit organisations, and political parties to achieve their objectives; be it to connect with citizens, create brand awareness, increase community engagement, raise money and mobilize supporters for you campaigns. Contact us now for free consultation. Below are some of our services.

Politivos is a reputable political campaign management firm in Africa with head office in Nigeria that specialize in providing services for political parties and candidates. We offer a wide range of campaign services including campaign strategy development, media planning, voter mobilization, political research, digital marketing, branding, and reputation management, grassroots engagement, political communication, messaging development, and public relations, media buying, and crisis management. Our talented campaign team work closely with candidates, civil society organizations and political parties to develop effective campaign strategies and provide advisory services. As a leading political campaign management firm in Nigeria, we provide a range of services and solutions to assist organizations in running effective and successful local, state and federal election campaigns. Here are some key functions we undertake: Strategic Planning: We help develop a comprehensive campaign strategy, setting clear goals, defining target audiences, and identifying key messages and issues to focus on during the campaign. Message Development: We assist campaigns in crafting compelling and persuasive messages tailored to resonate with the target audience. We work on refining the candidate’s platform, speeches, and communication materials to effectively communicate the desired political narrative. Branding and Image Building: ¬†As tech driven political campaign management firm in Africa, we help create a strong brand identity for the candidate or party, including designing logos, slogans, and campaign materials. We ensure consistency in the visual representation and overall messaging to establish a recognizable and appealing political image.

How We Help:

Our Campaign Management Support

We develop a ground game strategy to engage with voters in person and online; employ analytics to acquire voter data, identify key issues and target constituents. We define campaign’s objectives, whether it’s for a candidate, party, or issue. Assemble a campaign team with roles like campaign manager, communications director, field director, finance director, and volunteers. We develop a campaign strategy that prioritizes the target demographics, messaging, and consistent branding through out a campaign timeline.

With digital strategy, we create a strong online presence with well-designed campaign website, social media profiles, and email marketing campaigns. Our digital marketing professionals specialized in issue advocacy and political advertising; utilizing targeted digital advertising tools to reach specific demographics or community; ensuring that campaigns adhere to advertisers’ requirements. We promote campaigns across all digital and transitional advertising channels to increase awareness, engagement and media coverage.

To help navigate the complexity around political fundraising, we craft a fundraising strategy that involves events planning, online donations management, direct mailing, and outreach to donors. Our donor-friendly software help you raise money online, track donations meticulously and achieve your financial goals; while complying with the relevant campaign finance regulations. Our experienced campaign finance experts help create a budget that outlines expected expenses and potential revenue sources.

We provide support systems for field operations, recruit and train volunteers for vote canvassing, hire poll watchers to monitor voting activity and address potential issues on election day. We develop a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) strategy to mobilize supporters and ensure they turnout to cast their votes on election day; setup phone banks, and organize logistics to polling stations. We continuously collect and analyze campaign data to assess performance and adjust strategies accordingly.

To increase the chances of success in an election, we help political candidates to organize campaign rallies, town hall meetings, fundraisers, and debates. Our event management software help to create events, sell events tickets online and publicize events to increase attendance and media coverage. We craft clear and compelling campaign messaging that resonates with target audience or voters; produce campaign advertising materials such as TV ads, radio spots, and campaign literature.

We train candidates in public speaking, debating, and media appearances. Develop a clear and consistent campaign message that resonates with the target audience. We create relationships with mainstream media outlets, journalists and influencers. Create a communications plan that includes press releases, media interviews, and op-eds. Including a crisis management plan to monitor media coverage and respond to negative campaigns or rumors.

Media Planning and Placement: Most campaign management firms like us handle media planning and advertising strategies, including selecting appropriate media channels such as television, radio, print, outdoor advertising, and digital platforms. We negotiate and buy ad placements and monitor the effectiveness of various media campaigns. Digital Campaigning: Given the increasing role of digital platforms in political campaigns, our company assists in developing and executing cost-effective online marketing strategies. This includes managing social media accounts, creating engaging content, running targeted online advertisements, and monitoring online conversations and sentiment. Grassroots Mobilization: As a trusted campaign management company, we organize and implement grassroots mobilization efforts, such as establishing field offices, recruiting volunteers, conducting voter registration drives, organizing rallies, town hall meetings, and door-to-door canvassing to connect with voters at the local level. Fundraising and Finance Management: Our campaign platform plays a crucial role in helping candidates raise funds for their campaigns. We develop fundraising strategies, organize events, reach out to potential donors, and ensure compliance with global campaign finance regulations. Data Analysis and Voter Targeting: Utilizing data-driven approaches, our political campaign managers analyze voter demographics and behavior to identify key target groups. Design targeted campaign outreach strategies and optimize resource allocation for maximum impact. Opposition Research: Our campaign firm conduct thorough research on opposing candidates, parties, and issues to gather useful information that can inform campaign strategies. This may involve investigating voting records, policy positions, past controversies, and potential weaknesses to be exploited. Crisis Management: In the face of unexpected challenges or negative publicity, our campaign management firm provide crisis management support. We develop strategies to handle controversies, respond to media inquiries, and minimize the impact of damaging events. Election Day Operations: On election day, our team coordinate various activities such as poll monitoring, voter turnout initiatives, transportation to the polling units and logistics, ensuring compliance with electoral regulations.

Build Your Campaign Strategies and Community Engagement Platforms, Start A Fundraising Campaign And Mobilize Grassroots Support with Our Effective Political Campaign Management Solutions.