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Creating custom campaign products that appeal to your supporters can be an exciting way to motivate them to donate to your worthy cause without struggles. Our fundraiser platform enables individuals, campaigns and nonprofit organizations to create their custom designs and sell campaign merchandise, like custom t-shirts, face caps, bags, travel mugs, campaign umbrellas, drinkware and other gift ideas to their supporters raise donation and increase their fundraising efforts.

By using our mobile-friendly website, you can create a dedicated online product page that will make it incredibly easy for your supporters to buy your custom campaign products. This will help you connect with more supporters when planning for public events and coordinate your fundraiser campaigns.

Contact us now to lean how to sell campaign products with this fundraising strategy.  You can create a personalized online store or landing page, describe your products, set up your price and start selling without inventory while we handle everything else like order processing and fulfillments; so you can focus on your campaign.

Your products would be customized with your campaign’s logo or slogan, print and delivered directly to the buyers. We partner with best printing provider and suppliers to ensure quality campaign giveaways and promotional items. With a custom product page, you can reach out to supporters, share your products, and invite them to order online so as to support your cause or campaign in a way to raise more money.

How To Get Started:

How to Sell Campaign Merchandise To Boost Fundraising

You can design a campaign website with web store integrated by our experts or showcase all your products in one cause page or campaign fundraiser page on our website.

Quality Products

QWe offer quality apparel in variety of styles and colors to fits. To reduce your based costs, these are best produced in large quantities. We source products from major manufacturers.

Products Advertising

AWe help you reach supporters using social media and market your products online. All you need to do is set your prices, and launch your fundraiser. We use quality printing and shipping service.

Order Fulfilment

FWe help you manage graphic designs, printing, packaging and order delivery processes. Our process decrease shipping expenses. So you can focus on running your campaigns.

Crowdfunding is raising financial contributions for a charity, cause, or political campaign from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount. At Politivos, you can also raise funds by selling custom products on our online store; such as branded campaign materials, gifts, memorabilia and books.


Strategies To Sell Campaign Merchandise

Selling campaign merchandise can be a great way to raise funds, increase visibility, and build a sense of community among your supporters. Whether you're running a political campaign, a nonprofit initiative, or a promotional campaign for your organization, here's a strategy to sell campaign merchandise effectively:

1. Develop Great Products Line:

Create a range of merchandise items that resonate with your target audience. Common options include t-shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, and tote bags. Consider designing these items to feature your campaign logo, slogan, or key messaging. There are other campaign merchandise ideas you can consider.

2. Use High-Quality Design:

The success of your merchandise sales campaign depends on the quality of your merchandise, your marketing efforts, and the alignment of your message with your audience's values and interests. Invest in professional graphic design to ensure your merchandise looks appealing and aligns with your campaign's branding. High-quality design can make your merchandise more attractive to potential buyers. We have in-house graphic designers to help you.

3. Set-up Online Store:

Set up an online store on PolitiVos or a dedicated section on your own campaign's website where people can easily browse and purchase merchandise. Ensure the site is user-friendly and offers secure payment options. Transparency about where the funds are going can build trust with potential buyers. Clearly communicate how the proceeds from the campaign merchandise sales will be used to support your campaign or cause.

4. Set Best Pricing Strategy:

Determine reasonable and competitive prices for your merchandise. Consider offering bundle deals or discounts for larger orders to encourage more sales. Remember, your supporters will buy your products to create aware or raise money for your campaign. Offer them quality and great price. Create a sense of urgency by offering limited-edition merchandise, pricing or bonus sales for a specific period. This can motivate potential buyers to make a purchase sooner.

5. Promote Your Campaign:

Use various promotional channels to create awareness about your political campaign merchandise. These can include social media, email marketing, and press releases. Encourage people to order form our store, share compelling stories or messages that explain the significance of the merchandise and how it supports your campaign's cause. Include how to checkout and have their items delivered. Leverage our media platforms or partner with local businesses or influencers who can promote your merchandise to a broader audience.

6. Increase Buyer Engagement:

Engage with your supporters and constituents by encouraging them to share photos of themselves using or wearing your campaign merchandise on social media. User-generated content can boost your campaign's visibility. Also, offer them personalization options, such as allowing potential customers the opportunity to add their names or specific messages on their customized campaign products. Personalized items can make your merchandise more appealing, and can make more people willing to buy.

7. Shipping and Customer Service:

Ensure smooth and efficient order fulfillment, and provide excellent customer service. Delays and poor customer service can deter future purchases and support. We partner with leading gift manufacturers, printing service providers and logistics companies to ensure we meet campaign turnaround time and customers' products satisfactions.

8. Get Feedback & Measure Results:

Collect feedback from customers about their shopping experience and merchandise quality. Use this feedback to make improvements and enhance customer satisfaction. Regularly assess the performance of your campaign merchandise efforts. Track sales, return on investment, and the impact on your campaign's overall goals. By following this strategy, you can effectively sell campaign merchandise, achieve your campaign objectives, and create a sense of unity among your supporters.