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Key Factors to Winning Election in 2023

Key Factors to Winning Election in 2023

Key Factors to Winning Election in 2023

1. Campaign: Campaign is the use of all forms of media platforms, open rallies, seminars, conferences and visitations to elite personalities to declare your political ambition to the public. – so far our principal Peter Obi has conquered and captured 70% on this area.

2. Sensitization: This is the use of stickers, billboards, placards and other campaign materials to educate people on the party and the candidate of the party. That is, why an accredited voter should vote for our candidate under the party ticket and how they should cast their votes. – Take Back Nigeria and CPO had played on important role on this.

3. Mobilization: Mobilization on the other hand, the grassroots underground work that secured accredited voters to be on outside. Mobilization had to do with registration of accredited voters as a member of our great party and documentation of all their necessary data to keep them updated and focus on our principal Peter Obi, party LP and the forthcoming general election 2023.

The key players on all forms of Mobilization is Labour Party and Support Groups of Labour Party /Peter Obi. We are running out of time.

*I will like to discuss with the national chairman of Labour Party or national youth leader of Labour Party or national organizing secretary of Labour Party on this.

I have been a support group leader since 2011 and I have my proofs

APSI: Anchor For Peace And Stability Initiative (CAC No. – 140937)

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