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HE Peter Obi Like The Great Egret

HE Peter Obi Like The Great Egret

HE Peter Obi Like The Great Egret

In the 80’s, a popular Igbo Music Maestro, late Oliver de Couque released a song that stood on the top of music chart for over two years. Even today that evergreen song commands legs to shuffle and heads to nod to its melody and provides a total brain workout wherever it hits the senses of any living souls. It is a lovely classic about the remarkable characteristics of a bird called ugbala – the great Egret. He sang about the plumage being untainted and unruffled even when deliberately robbed with dirt, dust of charcoal or amorphous carbon.

For those who may have forgotten, HE Peter Obi’s political career and the battles of which he has won all and still winning, started with Dr Chris Ngige, who usurped his mandate as the elected governor of Anambra State, through to his impeachments by a very hostile House of Assembly, and double come back to his face-off with Raji Fashola, when the Lagos State governor went on the misadventure of emasculating the Igbos in his state. Obi fought that battle and held sway. Thereafter, it became the turn of the man he worked so hard to make the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, who decided to bite the fingers that fed him. Current history has Obiano’s story and that is outside the scope of this article. Away from Obiano, the next attack came from Governor Nasiri el Rufia, who talks political hallucination and is hard to even understand himself.

The great Egret would find himself invited by Rev. Fr. Mbaka, whose show to force him against his character is still dealing with his image and it’s doubtful, like is said in religious gatherings, if he will ever be the same ever. Or, have we forgotten when he was the Peoples Democratic Party’s vice presidential candidate and President Muhammad Buhari threw his own dirt through EFCC. Later the All Progressives Congress or Aso Rock would deny attempting to freeze or put ice on Mr Obi and his family’s accounts, when Val Obienyen poked huge holes in the denial of EFCC and by extension of Buhari.

Currently, the chimney of those fighting  Peter Obi is having endless puffing of smoke from the many falsehood, lies and hate press they cook, from the confused Reno Omokri and Sam Omatseye (Kept Man) to that of commercial activist in Deji Adeyanju’s vitriolic attacks. Now they have moved into another phase – accredited falsehood firstly launched by Kolawole Johnson of The Cable, a tabloid of Bola Tinubu.

Today we have in our possession a roster of their launch pads in their scores, all being paid from our common till by their master, the agbado economist. Just look at them! Even Reuben Abatti still messing himself up from the time of Goodluck Jonathan! They’ve tried to paint Peter Obi as a sectional leader projecting a bogus story of Igbo project and linking him to both MASSOP and IPOB. When they failed at those, they went on to tag him as the sponsor of ENDSARS, and his supporters as arsonists and violent, even as hired killers and he, Peter Obi, as a member of a certain Fraternity and even Olumba Olumba Obu. Very laughable beat-about-the-bush busybodies!

Those who are fighting Peter Obi without knowing the damage they are doing themselves may do well to begin to see the qualities of an egret in Obi. For their benefit, the following may educate them. Egret is a flocking bird and is described as good at teamwork, colourful, diverse and extremely up lighting. It maintains wonderful relationship, a symbol of life and charity. Egrets are symbol of purity, strength, balance, concentration, longevity, and piety. Their spirits also represent freedom and independence. I did not invent those lofty descriptions and qualities of an egret. Research and find out.

But two things are not listed above and those are: you don’t eat an egret, instead it feeds on fish! You know what that means? For those that have individually or corporately decided to fight the man we popularly call Okwute, you are unwittingly preparing yourselves for self-destruction, even as the conscientious, capable, but deprived Nigerians, who have chosen to be on the side of everything that flies high and above mundane issues, watch.


By Pat Uchendu

Uchendu writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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