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Targeting the Undecided Voters

Good people, do not forget that there are still so many undecided voters at this point. Let’s throw in everything while we are sensitising, mobilising our people and targeting the undecided voters, especially those in the rural areas.

This is the campaign period. Let every Nigerian know every possible, negative information about our opponents. Of course, the information should be valid, not fake.

For instance, a lot of Nigerians still don’t understand that Bola Tinubu does not have the normal physical and cognitive abilities to lead the New Nigeria that we are yearning for. Can you see how they are looking for any dirt, real or imagined to throw at Peter Obi? Imagine Gov Okowa having the audacity to question Peter Obi about the huge amount of money that he, Peter Obi saved for Anambra State when he was Governor.

Let us not assume that everyone is aware of how corrupt and dubious Tinubu and Atiku are. Prior to the emergence of Peter Obi, there was significant voters’ apathy in Nigeria. A large percentage of the voters believed and knew that their votes would not count.

They hear about APC, Tinubu, PDP, Atiku , SDP etc but they may not truly understand how the political system has been manipulated to keep the ordinary Nigerians in horrible levels of poverty and economic hardship, insecurity, poor social infrastructures like health and education, abysmal physical infrastructure, deteriorating National image etc. Furthermore, there are still many people who don’t see how they can join in changing the corrupt, directionless system of governance.

It is our responsibility, especially to those close to us, to repeatedly explain to them about the new electoral laws(2022) that will certainly reduce election malpractices like vote buying and rigging. That the Labour Party is the vehicle which Peter Obi and Yusuf are using to lead us to the New Nigeria.

Let them know that Labour Party is completely different from Zenith Labour Party. Labour Party of Peter Obi has only 3 people, mum, dad and child.

We just have to actively generate hope and trust. It is a continuous exercise.

When talking to our friends, family members, colleagues, or community members, let us not forget to enlighten them on the root cause of our woes: how the evil political clique has enslaved the Nigerian people.

Fortunately, a reputable and competent Nigerian with impeccable character, Peter Obi is willing to lead us to a better, peaceful Nigeria in February 2023. Peter Obi was wise enough to pick a hardworking and intelligent entrepreneur, Dr Yusuf Datti as his running mate.

This explains why many Nigerians are passionate and eager to vote for Labour Party. Let us take time to do the explanation to those who may not understand and be vigilant about INEC activities.

#Lets take back Nigeria 🇳🇬

By Dr Emmanuel Inyang

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