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Peter Obi's Past Achievements and Contributions

Peter Obi’s Past Achievements and Contributions.

Peter Obi’s Past Achievements and Contributions.

Focus on facts:

1. Peter Obi built ANSU Teaching hospital Awka.

2. Peter Obi built ANSU Igbariam campus.

3. Peter Obi built Head bridge to Umunya 10 lanes

4. Peter Obi built Agulu Lake hotel

6. Peter Obi paid off 32b gratuities owed since millitary era.

7. Peter Obi built Nkpor fly over.

8. Peter Obi built Obosi Flyover (Julius Berger is using it for their bypass now)

10. Peter Obi bought over 20000 vehicles from Innoson and paid cash. He gave the vehicles to secondary schools, traditional rulers and vigilante groups.

11. Peter Obi dualized Zik Avenue to Agu-Awka with RCC.

12. Peter Obi installed the first public dialysis machine in Anambra state at general hospital Onitsha.

13. Peter Obi built Nigeria Stock Exchange at Onitsha

14. Peter Obi procured over 1m computers for all secondary schools in ANS.

15. Peter Obi gave any first class graduate from Anambra state 1m naira

16. Peter Obi paid anybody from Anambra above 80 years vof age 10k till he left office.

17. Peter Obi built over 800 km of rural and urban roads including Aguleri to Adani Enugu road .

18. Peter Obi rehabilted and gave all secondary schools in Anambra a giant 50kva generator still in use till today.

19. He gave all Mission secondary schools 100m naira as grant.

20. Peter Obi attracted SAB Miller Brewery to Onitsha. This Brewery is giving Nigeria Brewery a run for their money till date with Hero and other brands in of beer.

21. Peter Obi left over 75b naira in state coffers while handing over to his successor in March 2014.

22. Peter Obi built the first Anambra state Secratariat named after Jerome Udorji in Awka.

23. Peter Obi bought over 10 Armoured Personnel Carriers for security agencies in ANS.

24. Peter Obi was impeached and removed from office illegally twice yet he was able to achieve all these and much more. Go to Anambra and verify if all these facts does not exist.

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