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Why Peter Obi will Win the 2023 Presidential Election.

Why Peter Obi will Win the 2023 Presidential Election.

Why Peter Obi will Win the 2023 Presidential Election.

Peter Obi’s emergence and his unprecedented nationwide acceptance (within a very short time) have so far defied all known political calculations and befuddled pundits. In fact, he has unwittingly established a new set of parameters to assess candidates for elections in Nigeria going forward. Folks who are still bottled up in the old order are presently confused and cynical about this transformation, while those who are connected to this new reality know that, apparently, Peter Obi is going to win the forthcoming presidential election in a resounding fashion.

Here are the three major factors that will ensure the Obi-Datti victory among many others.

Recently we have seen a trending video on social media where two supporters/ promoters of the APC candidate are confessing their disenchantment over campaign funds. They lament that middle men corner all the money and give them peanuts for their monumental efforts in trying to sell their candidate whom they admit is a ‘hard-sell’. In fact, they have vowed to jump ship if the situation continues unresolved. This is transactional politics! In sharp contrast, Peter Obi’s support is absolutely voluntary, genuine, passionate and consistent. His teeming supporters and promoters do not need any kind of inducement because they see this election as their own project, with Peter Obi as the motivator and the rallying point. You cannot have such exceptionally committed followership and don’t win an election.

Nobody goes to the market to buy rotten and damaged items to cook food when there are fresh ones that even cost less. The candidates of the other two major parties are known to be deeply corrupt oligarchs and feudalists even as one has the alleged excess baggage of fake name, age, source of wealth and even state of health. Their promoters are even more damaged – characters with no conscience and with zero integrity. They think of nothing but how to grab power through brinkmanship and even subterfuge. In fact, one of them, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole recently confessed that he knew that former president Goodluck Jonathan was good, but he had to attack and malign him because of “politics”. Just imagine that! Nigerians are tired of such greedy, mendacious, perfidious and unconscionable men who only think about the next election instead of the next generation. Peter Obi is new and refreshing product. He will have our votes.

Mr Peter Obi of the Labour Party is the only candidate that gains new converts in their thousands every blessed day. From around the country, it’s all stories of individuals, families and groups who have seen the light and resolved to join the Obi-Datti train. People donate houses, offices and equipment while others organize rallies with their own funds/logistics even as campaigns have not started officially. But in contrast, the opposition parties and their candidates are bedeviled by too many unforced errors, scandals, internal squabbles and outright rejection by party members and Nigerians generally. In effect, while Peter Obi is gaining new converts in thousands by the day, his opponents are losing supporters in droves and joining the Obi-dient movement.

So while the opponents’ promoters are busy with campaign of calumny and whipping up primordial sentiments, this man they call Okwute (The Rock) is busy spreading the message of HOPE for a better Nigeria. Nigerians of all ethnic, religious, social and class divides have received his message and his resounding victory at the polls come 2023 shall restore FAITH in this great country. To the glory of God.


By Adim Chimezie Williams

Adim writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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