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10 Steps I must take to make Peter Obi the Next President Of Nigeria

10 Steps I must take to make Peter Obi the Next President Of Nigeria


1. I must register and obtain a voters card from INEC office anywhere I reside or want to go and cast my vote.

2. Not to just be a nominal Voter, I must be a Card carrying member of the Labour Party of my ward of residence or a ward in my home town.

3. I must learn to know all about Labour Party, Peter Obi and the Aspirant from my ward to be able to tell others to convince them to vote for them.

4. I must tell others about Labour party and ask them to join the party since politics is a game of numbers.

5. I must devote time to attend all my Ward meetings and contribute to the growth of the Ward.

6. I must be available to campaign for the Party and all it’s aspirants individually or along with others.

7. I must make sure that my name is included in the Voter’s Register of my Ward during the INEC verification exercise.

8. I must be at the polling unit where I am registered in time to cast my vote.

9. I must encourage those who haven’t or intend to vote to go and do so and also vote for Labour Party showing them the symbol of the Party and how not to make their votes invalid.

10. If I have the time I will wait to make sure that my vote is counted at the end of the voting exercise.

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