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Peter Obi the most credible candidate for 2023 Presidential Election—Udeogaranya

Peter Obi the most credible candidate for 2023 Presidential Election—Udeogaranya

A onetime presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, during the 2019 elections,  Charles Udeogaranya, has endorsed the candidacy of Peter Obi of the Labour Party, declaring him the most credible candidate to lead Nigeria out of the woods.

Udeogaranya said there is a grave need for Nigerians to shun primordial sentiments and vote the right candidate because “times like these demand patriotism and self-help to make the best decisions for our country Nigeria.

He is unhappy that Nigerians are now witnessing what he called “grinding economic plague in our country with no clue or realisable proposition to curb it,” which he lamented “has driven Nigerians to the lowest ebb of desperation.He is also unhappy that Nigeria is sliding into anarchy, with the rights of the citizenry wantonly trampled upon.

“It was before our own eyes that a young female Christian student called Deborah Samuel was sent to her untimely death in the most despicable manner, by stoning, her body set ablaze for allegedly expressing her constitutional right to freedom of expression. Her gruesome death culminated to the telling reality that our society is no longer safe to live in as the average Nigerian’s constitutionally-guaranteed right to life is being brutally trampled upon.”

He remarked that the killing of youths during the EndSars protest continues to leave a sour taste in the mouth, recalling that “Barely one year ago, our youths engaged in a sweeping, non-violent EndSars protest, demanding a reformation of our policing agency.“

The ‘Poverty Capital of the World,’ for obvious failure to engage its best human resources, we fear that the worst is yet to come. And we further fear that the pack that conceived the Moslem-Moslem ticket and audaciously imposed it on the rest of us will not at some point begin to behead the people who see things differently unless they give up their right of freedom of worship and expression.”

“Conclusively he said: “With regard to what I have noted, and not limited them all, I, Chief Charles Udoka Udeogaranya, endorse the Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi as the most credible candidate to pilot the affairs of Nigeria and help to bring to a halt, the perpetual backsliding of Nigeria and possibly reposition Nigeria for better.”

Udeogaranya also advised the Nigerian federal government to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from detention without unnecessary delay after the Court of Appeal verdict.

Chief Udeogaranya pointed out that though; he does not support Kanu’s agitation, he warned that the non-release of Kanu or the federal government resorting to legal round-circling, and shadow-chasing would be tantamount to wholesome and direct admission of giving tacit support to the deadly insecurity and draconic economic environment in the South-East region of Nigeria.

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