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Birthday Felicitations to Comr. Emmamunel Abanyam

Comr. Emmamunel Abanyam

This is Birthday Felicitation to Comr. Emmamunel Abanyam

After the storm cometh the sunshine. Never speak negatively of yourself for the secret of a successful man lies in the ability to squeeze out good initiatives which can foster success in every endeavour.
The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose because, if a man has not discovered something he could die for then he is not fit to live.
A man without principles never draws much interest for perhaps the ability to represent a man is when you can develop principles, take decisions and create mastery out of many alternatives because an unexamined life is not worth living.
The only measuring stick for maturity is when we acknowledge our flaws and say SORRY and express gratitude by saying THANK YOU.
#These I have learnt from you in the course of our interactions.

As you turn a new leaf today, may all you seek and stand for be an elegant representation of true relief, a call to duty and a course of action for service and humanity.

I have interacted & appraised beyond mere relationships, the passion, zeal and top priority of your passion for empowerment in EDUCATION, HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT, emphasis on SECURITY, passion for SKILLS ACQUISITION, GENDER INCLUSIVENESS and YOUTHFUL PARTICIPATION.

May these and many more that you stand for bring to the limelight, extensive knowledge of truth in your quest to effectively represent the good people of Obudu and draw the necessary support that you require.
Congratulations and happy birthday boss.